Dearborn Contracting Company, Southgate, MI

Dearborn Contracting Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Job Title: Superintendent - Construction


Responsible for the general oversight of the installation of all Construction projects.

Reports to:


  • Must have eight to ten years working in the field trades.
  • Must have experience in fast track automotive projects.
  • Must have good communication skills to deal with the company’s Project Managers & the customer’s representative.
  • Review job with Project Manager (know schedule and Job number).
  • Set up site reporting system (work with Project Manager).
  • Determine number of men needed. Review with Project Manager.
  • Order equipment.
  • Order any rented equipment needed.
  • Call job into union halls (review with Director of Installation if NMA needs to be extended).
  • Review manpower with Installation Manager.
  • Have Safety Manual set up.
  • Track non-conformance.
  • Set up Field Trailer (if needed).
  • Track work orders.
  • Track Installation hours and bulletin hours with site reporting system.
  • Print weekly hour summary and percent complete reports for Project Manager's review.
  • Fill out or assign someone from his group to fill out validation sheets.
  • Assure shippers are correct and enter shipments into work order book.
  • Check quality of installation and fabricated components.
  • Assure job is being installed safely.
  • Complete job on time.
  • Review shipping dates on work orders with Project Manager.
  • Update Project Manager on any late shipments.
  • Track and order all field steel, bolts, and miscellaneous materials.
  • Assure return of all company and rented equipment at job’s end.
  • Turn in weekly time sheets to payroll.
  • Assign crew sizes and work.
  • Review any Union disputes and/or questionable job assignments with Director of Installation and Project Manager.
  • Other tasks as assigned by President.